We are focused on ensuring that our customers enjoy dealing with us and are confident in our ongoing ability to deliver exceptional performance in every aspect of their needs. We deliver on a national basis and timed deliveries are accepted by prior agreement. Our lead times on conventional products can be 24 hours.

Orders may be received via our EDI facility, email, by post or by fax. EDI has additional benefits over and above the placement of an order. Our operation is running 24 hours a day. Achieving high levels of reliability on On-Time Delivery In Full allows customers to use Sheetfeeding as their Goods Inward Store and hence reduce stock levels and improve both production efficiency and cashflow.

  • Automatic faxing of order confirmations, amendments and cancellations
  • Short and reliable lead times
  • Europe wide distribution network
  • Fully automated pre-delivery notification
  • Technical services through on site laboratory
  • EDI facilities
  • Sheetfeeding Sample board service
  • What happens to your order?

All figures quoted are based on averages.

Our strict quality standards ensure that we maintain tight tolerances on the physical characteristics of the materials used. Through our laboratories, we monitor the performance on incoming and outgoing materials to ensure they meet our exacting specifications.

Sheetfeeding is able to offer a range of advisory services and test procedures. Dependant upon the nature of the enquiry the services may be subject to an appropriate charge.

We can also test finished cases via the Macklow Smith compression tester. This test calculates the maximum load that a corrugated case can withstand before the case collapses. It is particularly effective when looking to review material specifications and material performance when considering alternative materials.

Technical Services product sheet

Further details and/or additional advice available on request.

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Out of hours helpline: +44 (0)1234 790814