Orders can be taken via our EDI facility, e-mail or fax.

Through the EDI facility, orders can be made and amended, prices can be checked and orders tracked. For orders that are faxed, we can supply standard order sheets which will assist with your administration.

Required information

When ordering material please could you supply the following information:

Invoice Address: Who the invoice should be addressed to
Delivery Address: (if different)
Order Number: Customer order number


e.g. 500 sheets

Sheet Size:

Width x Length (please always quote the width of the sheet first)
The width indicates the length of the flute
Grade: e.g. 125K125T, 150K150T, 125W125K etc
(1st liner is the outer liner)
Flute: e.g. B
Fluting: e.g. 175gsm (if special fluting is required)
Scores: These must add up to the first way dimension
e.g. 1200 x 600 sheet size
scores 600, 600
This means there is one score in the middle
Delivery date required: Day / month
Plus any special instructions: e.g. Deliveries between 9.00am - 2.00pm